Is peer-to-peer storage safe?

Is peer-to-peer storage safe?

Similar peer-to-peer storage services who operate in other countries have reported no issues so far with safety.

In a traditional sense, peer-to-peer storage is as safe as renting out a room at someone’s home, except you don’t physically live there. You trust that the homeowner will not touch your items and are also prone to theft or natural disasters. There are, however, some safeguards that we have in place that are optional between parties:

  1. A contract that is legally signed between the storage owner and renter ensures that there is documentation that make the transaction legally binding.
  2. Background checks are available for both storage owners and renters to ensure trust is on both ends.
  3. Our billing system allows for having a record of rental fees being processed every month.
  4. Our staff provides limited mediation and facilitates any questions you may have.
  5. We recommend that storage owners place some security measures to give renters peace of mind. See the next FAQ for this.

Attention Covid-19

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, StoreAtMyHouse recommends that you follow your local safety government guidelines when transacting with others. We hope you all keep safe during these trialing times.