What types of storage space are available?

What types of storage space are available?

Just about any! We allow both residential and commercial organizations to post their available properties on our website. Here are three examples:

  1. A retired couple whose children have gone to college. They now have two empty rooms, an attic, a shed, a garage space, and a driveway available for rent. Instead of moving to a smaller home, the couple rents out these spaces at low prices. Instead of renting the rooms for people to live in, they rent their storage space as they value their privacy.
  2. A company at a strip mall rents out office space but business is slow, inventory is not needed, and extra space is going to waste.
  3. A traditional self-storage company decides to lower their prices and offer more benefits in order to be more competitive. They list their storage in our website in order to attract customers back. We’ll allow it, why not?!

Attention Covid-19

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