Full large closet on second floor


Full bedroom for use

I have a full bedroom that is not being used. It is on the second floor but, easy access. Window. Fully heated and cooled. Carpeted. Electricity available if needed.

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Spare room for rent at low price

Nobody is living in this room so I want to rent it out. It’s very clean. Doesn’t have any mold. Dangerous chemicals are not allowed. It has a window and very thick curtain.

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Old town Alfred St upstairs level

Large upstairs space, empty, temperature controlled, carpet with a lot of Storage space. A room, closet , long hallway area with lighting but also dark enclosed spaces. Located in the middle of Old town on the corner of Alfred &…

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Old Town King Street Large Basement

Large basement unfinished 36 x 30 (rough est) close to king st metro separate entrance from rest of the building excellent lighting. Across the street from subway, toastique, & a book store

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Small to medium items? Storage available

Storage for small to medium-sized items such as boxes, milk crates full of documents, audio equipment(speakers, amps, turntables, cdj’s, controllers etc.), bags, clothes. The items pictured in room will be moved to make more space of course.

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Full Basement for storage

Our full basement doesn’t get used and is the perfect storage space. Dry, clean and away from the rest of the family, your items will be safe. It’s wide open so your large items can be stored easily.

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100 sq ft room to rent

The room is well-lit and has its own entrance from the basement. Electricity and AC provided throughout the year. Location – right outside DC along the Baltimore Washington Pikeway and MD 202. You’ll be given access 24/7 and key to…

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Room inside our home

This space perfectly fits a full size bed, and have some room to storage other items. There are security cameras outside and inside de house to keep everything under control.

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Attention Covid-19

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, StoreAtMyHouse recommends that you follow your local safety government guidelines when transacting with others. We hope you all keep safe during these trialing times.